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No matter how environmentally conscious we are or want to be, products of any description must perform a specific function and to a required standard, DPT produced film, with the added degradable additive which will meet functional standard both environmentally and ecologically.

Biodegradable Plastic Products manufactured by Degradable Polymer have gone through many test on Biodegradation as per American and European Standards.

Detail of standards are as under:
ASTM-D5338: Under controlled composting conditions.
This standard complies with new guidelines of ministry of environment & forests notification IS/ISO 17088;2008.
ASTM-D5338: Under controlled Composting Conditions
ASTM-D5511: Under high solids Anaerobic Digestion condition
ASTM-D5209: In the presence of Municipal Sewage Sludge
We also qualify as per environment ministry & forests guidelines for toxicity test (OECD guidelines)
How DPT films / shopping bags / liners / food packaging will differ from other manufacturers
DPT manufactured plastic film does not lose basic properties of plastic (strength, elasticity etc.)
DPT manufactured Film Biodegrades in any climatic conditions - Aerobically and Anaerobical with or without light(UV) and Oxygen
DPT manufactured film is cost effective. With little additional cost, you can save the environment
DPT manufactured film is non toxic, therefore can be used for food packaging and milk pouches.
DPT manufactured film did not produce any toxic residue harmful to living organisms in land and water that means it will not harm the fertility of the soil.
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