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1. What is Biodegradable Plastic?
Biodegradation is the breakdown of an organic compound by micro organisms into Carbon dioxide (CO2), Water (H2O) and new biomass in controlled composting. Biodegradable Plastic should Biodegrade Aerobically and Anaerobically under any climatic conditions, i.e. in the presence of oxygen and light or in their absence.
2. What is Degradable or Totally Degradable Plastic (sometimes also known as oxo-Biodegradable Plastic)?
Degradable or totally degradable plastic is a plastic which when exposed to sunlight (UV), heat or stress etc will trigger the break down of the plastic film/bags into smaller fragments. This process is also known as fragmentation or disintegration. Some additive supplier called it Degradable.
3. Why do people want to make a conventional PE/PP plastic degrade?
Many people think pollution caused by plastic products like plastic bags is because of its non biodegradability. They believe if they can make plastic degrade, then there will be no pollution caused because these bags will be out of sight.
4. What type of Biodegradable plastic should be selected for best results?
Biodegradable Plastic Products Which

a) Does Biodegrades 100% Aerobically and Anaerobically under any climatic conditions.
b) Does not change the basic properties of conventional plastic (Strength, Elasticity and most important Clarity).
c) Does not leave toxic residue in the soil even after Biodegradation (the fertility of soil should not be affected).
d) Does not degrade on the shelf as compared to photo degradable plastic.
e) Does not degrade in patches as compared to starch base degradable plastic.
5. Do you have further questions regarding Biodegradable Plastics?
Please feel free to ask us your inquiries here and we will be glad to respond to you.
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