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Introduction: Since the past 25 years, plastics materials have gained wide spread use in the food, cloths, shelter, transportation, medical, packaging & leisure industries. Plastic offers number of advantages over alternative materials, that are light weight, extremely durable & relatively unbreakable.

However plastic materials have several disadvantages, one of the largest being that plastic does not break down in the environment. Material such as wood and paper are subjected to breakdown from micro organisms (biodegradation), plastics are composed of petroleum based material called resins (e.g. polyethylene, polypropylene) that are resistant to Biodegradation, because of their resistance, plastic that are disposed of will remain in their original from in perpetuity.

Degradable Polymer Technologies (DPT) has developed films of HD/HM/LD & LLDP materials which completely biodegrade with the addition of an additive during the manufacturing process.

When this additive is added in above mentioned plastic materials in a precise formulation (1% only) it converts the plastic material into biodegradable material.

Our additive suppliers believe that degradable plastics introduced today possess several weaknesses that have prevented wide spread acceptance in the market place.

Photo-degradable products, for example, do not degrade in landfills due to the lack of sunlight (they have typically covered with another layer of trash before degradation can occur).

At the same time there photo-degradable products present difficult circumstances for storage before use due to their reactivity to light. Similarly, plastic products manufactured with high amounts of cornstarch and cotton seed fillers failed to breakdown the molecular structure of the products, plastic components are very expensive to manufacture and often do not achieve the requisite properties.
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